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How to Select a Wedding DJ

Deciding on a DJ for your wedding can mean the difference between having your favorite music and having songs played that makes everyone else cringe.Hiring the right wedding DJ is as important as hiring the right wedding photographer. They must be able to, not only play any type of music comfortably, but also offer it in an appealing way. Moreover, they must have an exceptionally outgoing personality. This is because they will be talking between music selections. Considering the fact that wedding DJs take up a significant amount of money in a wedding expenditure, it would be a wise move to make a careful selection when hiring one.
Most weddings employ DJs rather than bands. This is of great convenience for couples planning a wedding. Most DJ companies have website information that one can look at during the hiring process. One can also check out a DJ's custom page to ascertain that that particular DJ is free for the event at hand.

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Here are some tips for selecting the right wedding DJ.

1. Decide what kind of music you'd like to be played.
This isn't as simple a task as you might believe. You not only want to think about yourself, but your guests. Even if there are no kids at the reception, you're going to want a variety of music so that everyone feels like they've been included. In some families, specialty music like polkas or old Italian ballads might be expected.
2. Talk to more than one DJ,
unless you have someone you already know about. Every DJ who does weddings will have a large collection of music, but may not have exactly what you're looking for. A DJ who specializes in urban music may not have country songs, just as a musician who specializes in 70's rock music might not have any music that contains an accordion.
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3. Go through a cycle of at least 30 songs
with each DJ to get a feel for how he or she might mix the music. You want to know that they will get a feeling as to when to put on music to get people up and dancing, and when to slow it down. You also want to see if the DJ knows what kind of music is appropriate to the audience you've mentioned that you expect at your wedding. It won't do to be surprised by Me So Horny if there are a lot of older family members at your reception, or suddenly have the Chicken Dance pop up if it's not quite the type of music your family is used to.
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4. Ask your DJ if he does a lot of talking,
or mainly plays the songs. Every DJ has a microphone because they're usually the ones who introduce the wedding party and the new couple. However, some DJ's talk a lot, and that disrupts the reception unnecessarily.
5. Try to select a DJ who has some kind of personality and an acceptable dresscode.
People love going to DJ's to ask for their favorite songs, and it would put a pall on the reception if your DJ was the type to snap at people because they were throwing off his rhythm. DJ's can help make the experience of your guests positive.

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