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Wedding Cars - A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Transportation

You have decided to hire wedding vehicles to get the wedding party to the church on time but here is where the decisions really start. With so many cars to choose from you may be struggling to decide on the best type of wedding transport for you.
Identify your requirements- The first thing to do before you book wedding transport is to create a checklist of requirements. This list could include aspects such as space, style and the overall effect you wish to have regarding your entrance. Are you looking to make a dramatic entrance or simply wish to get from A to B. Once you have established exactly what is it you need you will find choosing wedding cars an easy decision.
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Themes- If you are one of the many people who have decided to base their wedding day around a particular theme you should choose your wedding transport accordingly. Whether you have decided on traditional, vintage, contemporary or enchanted themes there are appropriate wedding cars to choose from.
Space- One of the main factors to consider is space. Wedding vehicles allow for the whole bridal party as well as ensuring the bride has sufficient room. A common mistake is to allow space for the bridal party but forget to allow for the dress and the veil.

Type of Car-
There is a car to suit all of your requirements whether you are looking for glamour, luxury or classic style. Choose from a wide range of stunning wedding cars such as a Bentley or a Mercedes.

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Making an Entrance - Unique Wedding Transport

1. What can you recommend for my budget, based on the style, time and date of my wedding? Arriving at your wedding or event needs to make a statement. This is the after all the first impression that your guests are going to have of you and the theme of your event. A limousine, vintage car, or horse drawn carriage are some of the more traditional ways of arriving at your wedding. But to truly arrive at your wedding in style and to make a unique entrance, you may want to consider some more unconventional wedding transportation.
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For a truly unique entrance arrive to your wedding ceremony in a hot air balloon. This style of transportation would be most effective during an outdoor wedding ceremony. Imagine your wedding ceremony taking place in the country or in a vineyard and your bridal party arriving in magnificent hot air balloon.It would also give rise to some beautiful wedding photographs. Have backup transport incase of Weather Conditions.
For a more cosmopolitan and modern entrance arrive to your wedding on the back of the back of a Harley Davidson or Motor bike. This entrance is certain to create quite a stir. The revs of the engines will let everyone know you have arrived.
A luxury Boat or Gondola is extremely romantic and is perfect as wedding transportation for a wedding ceremony or reception by a lake or river. Not only would it be a serene and beautiful entrance and give rise to spectacular photographs, your guests will truly be impressed.
For an exotic entrance arrive to your wedding with or on the back of an tame animal horse, elephant etc.. Making an entrance on the back of an elephant would suit a wedding ceremony held at the zoo or in a botanical garden or even a rainforest wedding. You could either ride the elephant bare backed or sit inside a tent on the back of the elephant.
Whichever choice you make will certainly create an air of mystery, romance and fantasy for your wedding. So whether it is by air, water, land or sea make the most unique entrance by choosing wedding transport that makes the ultimate impression.

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