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Wedding Ceremony Music and Wedding Reception Music

The Golden Rule:

For the Ceremoney:
Select and Choose Experienced Wedding Singer and Musicians and Wedding Music.

For the Reception:
Select and Choose Experienced Wedding DJ's and Wedding Entertainers.

Wedding Ceremony Music
There is a greater trend in society to be returning to traditional church weddings, for some people this is a matter of faith in pledging their vows before witnesses, family and friends in the traditions of the church to start their new life as husband and wife under the blessings of God.
A church wedding is expected to be quiet and solemn, it is viewed as being a sacrament where a man and woman are coming together to be joined and blessed under the authority of God. This can, depending on the church denomination, and even the discretion of the celebrant, lead to some music being deemed as inappropriate for use in a church wedding ceremony. Talking to your minister early in the planning can prevent a lot of disappointment closer to the day.

When Choosing Instrumental Music and Wedding Singer,
live or recorded, whether it is Classical or Contemporary or Modern music, it is common practice for weddings to reflect the individuality of the couple getting married and is usually based on the bride and groom's personal style and the reflection of their faith, relationship and love for each other.
There's no rule that says you need to walk down the aisle to the strains of Pachelbel's Canon. Many brides are setting aside the traditional tunes of their parents or older generations ceremonies and looking for more contemporary music that are decidedly their own.
The trend these days is to choose music that speaks to you, no matter if it's not exactly what your guests are expecting. If you'd like to incorporate new or lesser-known older songs into your ceremony, go right ahead.

Follow these tips, and you'll be well on your way to music that's as individual and unique as you are:
1. Don't be overly concerned about tradition or choosing "appropriate" music. Have fun representing yourselves and your love in a memorable way.
2. To give your wedding a one-of-a-kind feel, be on the lookout for original songs by musicians or songwriters many people might not have heard of.
3. Instead of using Top 40 hits( Really avoid) consider songs from Broadway musicals or movies.
4. Love a certain musician, but wince at the thought, then Don't!

Inappropriate Wedding Ceremony Songs
You'll want to confirm the list of ceremony prelude songs ahead of time to make sure no one plays "Send in the Clowns" when you or your future mother-in-law makes her way down the aisle.
You'll want to give it a little more thought. Just because a tune features a sweeping melody or a chance for your soloist to really let loose, the lyrics might not be exactly appropriate for your big day. Here are a few songs to avoid:
My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from Titanic) - Celine Dion
This song is beautiful, but it's about living on after someone your love died, not starting a life together. Also, the boat sank - that's just bad karma.
I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Perfect song, right? Wrong. Here are a few sample lyrics that explain why it might not be the most appropriate sentiment for a ceremony: "If I should stay, I would only be in your way. So I'll go." "Bittersweet. Memories. That is all I'm taking with me. So good-bye..." "We both know I'm not what you need..."
Every Breath You Take - The Police, This tune is more like a creepy stalker's anthem than a love song.
Beauty and the Beast - Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson, This is also a beautiful love song, but it wouldn't be polite to compare the groom to a "beast" during the ceremony.

Wedding Reception Music:
First Dance Song
The couple's first dance song is one of the most emotional moments for the bride and groom at the reception. The words of the song should have a special meaning to the wedding couple. Generally, the first dance song is a slow tempo ballad, which makes it easy to dance to and sets a romantic mood. Practice dancing to your wedding song in advance.
Father Daughter and Mother Son Dance
The parent dances are another emotional and memorable special segment of the wedding reception. Many couples choose to pay tribute and thanks to their parents by choosing to include some music from their parents' era at their weddings. This can be very touching for members of the guestlist who are old enough to remember the music. Again, the song words are a top consideration in selecting these special dance songs. The lyrics to the song should be meaningful to the relationship between the parents and their children.
Guests Backgound Music
If there is a culture one or both of you come from and would like to honour, ask some relatives for their choice in songs which come from this unique background. Again, a few choices in this genre will be very much appreciated by guests to whom this music would be very special.
Bride and Groom speech Backgound Music
During the Bride's speech it's ettiquette to be quiet and listen to what she says. It's custom for the Groom's friends and family to heckle him a bit during his speech!
Cake Cutting Ceremony Music
Usually one of the lighter, more amusing moments of the reception, the cake cutting music can be more up-tempo and on the fun side.
Bride's Bouquet to Maids Music
The trowing of the bouqeut is an mystical indication of who going to get married next! The person , it's rumoured, who cathes it, is next inline. Up tempo is fine with drum rolls etc..
Groom's Garter Moment Music
The groom removes the Brides Garter, select suspence music .. short pieces and extracts ...
Dance Party Songs
Let's Dance! Here is where the bride, groom and all the wedding guests get to let their hair down and have some fun! Be sure to select songs from all different decades to reflect the various age groups in attendance at the wedding. The older generation normally fades as the feast goes on! Select and Choose Experienced Wedding DJ's and Entertaininers. The song selections for the reception should reflect the tastes of the bride and groom. However, be sure to keep in mind the general musical styles that will insure a memorable experience for all your wedding guests.
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